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Maine Environmental and Land Use Statutes Deskbook 2017

Publication Year: 2017   Publication Type: Deskbook


This single organized reference source allows easy access to the most frequently used environmental statutes and is a significant benefit to lawyers and municipal officials, as well as the many others who need to refer to Maine’s environmental laws. Many major changes have occurred over the years in Maine''s environmental statutes and will continue as the Maine Legislature tries to resolve competing interests regarding the protection, improvement, and use of our environment. Completely updated through the second regular session of the 127th Legislature (April 2016).

Covering all of the most important and frequently used environmental and land use statutes, The Maine Environmental and Land Use Statutes Deskbook is the indispensable guide to environmental law in Maine. Convenient summaries of the statutes at hand are found at the beginning of each section, as are statutory definitions.

Subjects covered include:
  - Forestry Laws
  - Pesticide Use
  - The Maine Endangered Species Act
  - Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know
  - Water Quality
  - Dam Inspection, Registration and Abandonment
  - Natural Resources Protection Act
  - Lead Abatement
  - Solid Waste Management and Recycling Act
  - Toxic Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction
  - Air Protection and Improvement Law
  - Wind Energy


Pierce Atwood’s Environmental & Land Use Practice Group

Pierce Atwood’s Environmental & Land Use Practice Group includes 23 lawyers, eleven of whom devote their time exclusively to environmental law matters.The Environmental & Land Use Practice Group represents clients not only in Maine and New England, but nationally and internationally.

Testimonial :

“My particular topic of interest is solid waste management. This reference book provides a very valuable resource for locating specific topics and the laws that apply. By being updated on a regular basis, current statutes reflecting recent changes that may have been enacted are provided.”
- Don Meagher, Manager of Planning & Development
Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

“The Maine Environmental and Land Use Statutes Deskbook is a frequently consulted reference in our daily work to ensure envi¬ron¬mental compliance. It’s an enormous resource to us as we work to stay current with the multitude of changing environ¬mental laws and regulations.”
- Scott Beal, Environmental Manager
Woodland Pulp LLC

“The Deskbook is a great resource that puts Maine’s primary environmental statutes at your fingertips. It is a great tool for all environmental professionals. Just used mine last week to review Maine’s under¬ground storage tank laws.”
- Thomas Griffin, Environmental Services Mgr
Sappi Paper North America -Somerset Operations

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Freedom of Access
Administrative Procedure Act
Land Use Planning Commission
Minimum Lot Size
Maine Endangered Species Act
Selected Forestry Laws
Traffic Movement
Municipal Growth Management and Zoning
Municipal Subdivision Law
Enforcement of Land Use Regulations
Maine Wind Energy Act
 Emergency Planning and Community Right- To- Know
Dam Safety
Department of Environmental Protection
Water Quality
Mandatory Shoreland Zoning
Natural Resources Protection Act
Site Location of Development Law
Medium Borrow Pits
Performance Standards for Quarries
Maine Metallic Mineral Mining Act
Oil Discharge Prevention
Underground Oil Storage
Air Protection and Improvement Law
Hydropower Permits
Dam Registration, Abandonment, and Water Levels
Release from Dam Ownership and Water Level Maintenance Act
Saco River Corridor
Asbestos Removal Law
Lead Abatement
Solid Waste
 Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Matter Control, Chemical Products, and Electronic Waste
Uncontrolled Hazardous Substances Sites Law
Wellhead Protection
Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products
 Coastal Management Policies, Protection of Maine Lakes and Coastal Barrier Resources System
Solid Waste Management and Recycling Act
Priority Toxic Chemical Use Reduction
Uniform Environmental Covenants Act