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The Best Story Wins

Publication Year: 2010   Publication Type: Book


Required reading for the new prosecutor. By John Bobo. a legendary legal educator and former prosecutor himself. The Best Story Wins examines the critical role of storytelling in effective advocacy. Mr. Bobo imparts readers with the wisdom that leads to winning at trial - crafting a theme for your case, effectively battling defense attorneys, and communicating with both judges and juries in memorable ways.

Nationally recognized trainer and former prosecutor, Mr. Bobo offers an essential guide to why the role of storytelling is critical to effective advocacy as well as other lessons of legal jujitsu. Bobo gives readers everything from crafting a theme to battling defense attorneys, and working with judges and juries. Sections also examine how to recognize the symptoms of burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


John Bobo, Esq.

Testimonial :

“A must read…It is truly one of the best explanations of what it is to be a prosecutor in print today. John Bobo writes with an easy wit and entertaining style about the trials and tribulations of having the most serious job there is. His book thrives because he is sharing the secrets he learned by doing. I only wish that the rest of society could be convinced to pick it up. They would enjoy it and be amazed and better understand the most important role in the criminal justice system today. I am putting it on my law students reading list now.”

- Joe McCormack, Bureau Chief, Bronx District Attorney’s Office, New York & Adjunct Professor, St. John’s School of Law

“In my 20 years with the Justice Department and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, I have had nearly 100 federal trials. I found The Best Story Wins to be an excellent read with incredibly helpful and practical suggestions for those prosecutors (young and old) who will or have actually tried countless cases before juries. Any trial—large or small—is a unique experience that can be extremely stressful and fraught with indecision, trepidation, and fear; The Best Story Wins is a wonderful talisman for those volatile emotions that cannot always be avoided in the hearty soul of a trial warrior.”

~ Gene Rossi, Assistant U.S. Attorney,  Chief, Specials Unit, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Virginia

""This book is a treasure for all new prosecutors and those who train or supervise them. Mr. Bobo, a nationally recognized trainer of new prosecutors, presents a work as welcoming as a conversation with a good friend. He lays out practical insights about the nuts and bolts of doing the work and includes a candid and frank discussion of the rewards and challenges for all who choose to start their workday announcing: ‘READY FOR THE PEOPLE, YOUR HONOR’.”

~ Frank Horowitz, Former State Director, DUI Prosecution Project, California District Attorneys Association

Table of Contents:

 Cover Page
 How to Use This Book
 Being a Prosecutor
 The Power of Story
 Victims and Witnesses
 Police Officers and Detectives
 Working and Battling with Defense Attorneys
 Judges, Magistrates and Potentates
 Trial Preparation
 The Trial
 Impaired Driving Cases
 Working with the Media
 The Danger of Burnout- The Warrior's Life
 Skill Transfer
 Author's Note
 Best Story Puzzler
 About the Author
 Bibliography of Quotes