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From Crash to Courtroom - Collision Reconstruction for Lawyers and Law Enforcement

Publication Year: 2004   Publication Type: Book


Authored by John Kwasnoski, one of America’s leading experts on motor vehicle crash reconstruction, From Crash to Courtroom teaches attorneys what to look for when examining an accident reconstruction expert’s report, and explains in detail numerous potential errors an attorney may encounter. Of equal importance to law enforcement professionals, Kwasnoski’s work also addresses such critical issues as proper evidence collection and effective crash analysis using the correct application of mathematical equations.

From Crash to Courtroom is devoted to ensuring that the science behind traffic collision reports is accurate, and explains how many seemingly accurate findings may in fact be scientifically incorrect. Examples range from the improper use of the non-deployment of an airbag to “prove” a low impact speed to the deliberate misapplication of computer software to supply desired videos and graphs. At its heart, From Crash to Courtroom teaches readers how to be more critical of collision experts’ reports – then, equipped with a better understanding of the scientific fundamentals and analysis used in the preparation of such reports, attorneys may more effectively challenge the findings put forth by both sides. Cutting through the jargon and mathematical calculations frequently found in other automobile accident treatises, From Crash to Courtroom is written in non-technical terms to help attorneys better understand and more effectively question expert testimony.


John B. Kwasnoski

John Kwasnoski is one of the leading national experts in crash reconstruction, and co-author of three best-selling books: "Investigation and Prosecution of DWI and Vehicular Homicide," "The Officer's DUI Manual" and "Courtroom Survival." A Professor Emeritus of Forensic Physics at Western New England College, he has served as an expert in over 750 motor vehicle accident cases, including single and multiple vehicle, pedestrian, train and motorcycle crash cases. Professor Kwasnoski is also the founder of CRASH! The Science of Collisions, an educational program for high school and college students devoted to reducing young adult motor vehicle fatalities through the use of the sciences and math.

Testimonial :

“EVERY prosecuting attorney should have this on his shelf, just to make sure the police reconstructionist has everything in order, OR to see if the defense’s “hired gun” is actually obeying the laws of physics!”   John Daily, President
- Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, Inc.
  Retired Wyoming Highway Patrol Sheriff, Reconstructionist and nationally known author.

“What a phenomenal book!  John once again is able to take even the most difficult aspects of collision reconstruction and put it into meaningful prose.  Combined with real world examples that show actual mistakes, and explanations of how and why the mistakes occurred, make this text a must  have for every police reconstructionist and prosecutor.”
- Sgt. Joseph E. Stephenson, Biddeford, ME Police Department, Accredited Reconstruction Specialist

“From Crash to Courtroom is the most user-friendly reference on a technical subject I have ever seen.
Only someone with Professor Kwasnoski’s background—30 years of teaching physics in classrooms, 20 years of testifying as an expert collision reconstructionist in state and federal courtrooms, and 10 years as one of the country’s premier instructors at training conferences across the U.S.—could produce such a powerful and relevant book.”
- Gerald N. Partridge, Esq., Executive Director,  Police Legal Sciences; Retired Prosecuting Attorney; Adjunct Instructor at the National College of District Attorneys

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 the Investigation or Collision Reconstruction Report
Chapter 2 The Investigation
Chapter 3 Drag Factor
Chapter 4 Speed from Skid Mark Evidence
Chapter 5 Speed from Yaw Marks
Chapter 6 Speed from an Airborne Motion
Chapter 7 Momentum and Other Topics
Chapter 8 Expert Discovery