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Maine Appellate Practice - 4th edition   

Publication Year: 2013
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Author: Hon. Donald G. Alexander, Professor Nancy A. Wanderer


Maine Appellate Practice – 4th Edition was written to provide relatively contemporary guidance in implementing the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure and addressing other issues that may arise in the course of appellate practice before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The first edition was published in January 2003.

Changes for this edition:

Updated to reflect new court opinions, rules changes, advisory notes, and other developments in the law through early June 2013.

A completely new Chapter 4A on State and Local Administrative Law that provides guidance for taking and defending administrative appeals from State and municipal administrative agencies to the trial courts and from the trial courts to the Law Court.

Revisions of discussions of ethical issues on appeal to include references to the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct that were adopted after the third edition was published.

Significant new or enhanced discussions of appellate review issues in many areas including sentence appeals, personal and long arm jurisdiction, shareholder derivative more...