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Maine Commercial Lending Handbook   

Publication Year: 2011
Price: $125.00 to subscribe, $75.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Christopher J. Devlin, Esq., Mark K. Googins, Esq.


This book is designed to serve as a practical guide to conducting a commercial loan closing in the State of Maine.

It is written for the reader that is more interested in competently completing a commercial loan closing than in acquiring a deep knowledge of the legal theory underlying these transactions.

This is more of a "how-to" book than a treatise. There are, however, footnotes throughout the book that cite significant and relevant Maine cases.

Thus, the seasoned or the out-of-state commercial lender or practitioner will find here a reference list of pertinent Maine authority, including identification of any unique features of Maine commercial law.

Maine Corporation Law & Practice (3rd Edition)   

Publication Year: 2015
Price: $145.00 to subscribe, $75.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: James B. Zimpritch, Esq.


The 2015 Third Edition addresses all key developments, statutory and case law, since the 2004 edition, including:

  • Extensive developments in Maine’s involuntary dissolution remedy for minority shareholders, including interpretation of the “oppression” standard by the federal district court (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2007); 
  • Application of the “illegality” standard in the context of a corporation with a shareholder agreement (Napp v. Parks Camp, Ltd., 2007); 
  • The use of a mandatory repurchase of the plaintiff minority shareholder’s stock as an “alternative remedy” to dissolution (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2007); 
  • Construction of “fair value” in enforcing a buy-out remedy, declining to apply minority or non-marketability discounts (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Deciding the date on which fair value should be determined for purposes of a mandatory buy-out (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Awarding both pre-judgment and post-judgment interest in a mandatory buy-out
    (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Applying the buy-out remedy to shareholders other than the more...