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Maine Environmental and Land Use Statutes Deskbook 2017   

Publication Year: 2017
Price: $95.00 to subscribe, $45.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Pierce Atwood’s Environmental & Land Use Practice Group


This single organized reference source allows easy access to the most frequently used environmental statutes and is a significant benefit to lawyers and municipal officials, as well as the many others who need to refer to Maine’s environmental laws. Many major changes have occurred over the years in Maine''s environmental statutes and will continue as the Maine Legislature tries to resolve competing interests regarding the protection, improvement, and use of our environment. Completely updated through the second regular session of the 127th Legislature (April 2016).

Covering all of the most important and frequently used environmental and land use statutes, The Maine Environmental and Land Use Statutes Deskbook is the indispensable guide to environmental law in Maine. Convenient summaries of the statutes at hand are found at the beginning of each section, as are statutory definitions.

Subjects covered include:
  - Forestry Laws
  - Pesticide Use
  - The more...


Practice Guides

Maine Appellate Practice - 4th edition   

Publication Year: 2013
Price: $65.00 to subscribe, $40.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Hon. Donald G. Alexander, Professor Nancy A. Wanderer


Maine Appellate Practice – 4th Edition was written to provide relatively contemporary guidance in implementing the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure and addressing other issues that may arise in the course of appellate practice before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The first edition was published in January 2003.

Changes for this edition:

Updated to reflect new court opinions, rules changes, advisory notes, and other developments in the law through early June 2013.

A completely new Chapter 4A on State and Local Administrative Law that provides guidance for taking and defending administrative appeals from State and municipal administrative agencies to the trial courts and from the trial courts to the Law Court.

Revisions of discussions of ethical issues on appeal to include references to the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct that were adopted after the third edition was published.

Significant new or enhanced discussions of appellate review issues in many areas including sentence appeals, personal and long arm jurisdiction, shareholder derivative more...

Maine Commercial Lending Handbook   

Publication Year: 2011
Price: $125.00 to subscribe, $75.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Christopher J. Devlin, Esq., Mark K. Googins, Esq.


This book is designed to serve as a practical guide to conducting a commercial loan closing in the State of Maine.

It is written for the reader that is more interested in competently completing a commercial loan closing than in acquiring a deep knowledge of the legal theory underlying these transactions.

This is more of a "how-to" book than a treatise. There are, however, footnotes throughout the book that cite significant and relevant Maine cases.

Thus, the seasoned or the out-of-state commercial lender or practitioner will find here a reference list of pertinent Maine authority, including identification of any unique features of Maine commercial law.

Maine Corporation Law & Practice (3rd Edition)   

Publication Year: 2015
Price: $145.00 to subscribe, $75.00 to renew (Term: 365 Days)
Author: James B. Zimpritch, Esq.


The 2015 Third Edition addresses all key developments, statutory and case law, since the 2004 edition, including:

  • Extensive developments in Maine’s involuntary dissolution remedy for minority shareholders, including interpretation of the “oppression” standard by the federal district court (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2007); 
  • Application of the “illegality” standard in the context of a corporation with a shareholder agreement (Napp v. Parks Camp, Ltd., 2007); 
  • The use of a mandatory repurchase of the plaintiff minority shareholder’s stock as an “alternative remedy” to dissolution (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2007); 
  • Construction of “fair value” in enforcing a buy-out remedy, declining to apply minority or non-marketability discounts (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Deciding the date on which fair value should be determined for purposes of a mandatory buy-out (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Awarding both pre-judgment and post-judgment interest in a mandatory buy-out
    (Kaplan v. First Hartford Corporation, 2009); 
  • Applying the buy-out remedy to shareholders other than the more...